Billu Barber Movie Wallpapers

Whats the Movie About?
Billu Barber, from the name it must give you a feeling of a story of a Barber/Hairdresser, Yes it is, but its not only that, its about misconception, its about friendship, its about honoring that friendship, and cherishing it

The story has "once again" been attempted in Malayalam (KADHA PARAYUMBOL) and Tamil (KUSELAN) earlier, and this movie is on the similar lines i.e. the story talks of the friendship between a superstar and an ordinary mortal who runs a salon.

Now for the Story:
Billu tells the story of a simple ordinary man, Bilas Rao Pardesi (Irrfan Khan), living in a small town with his wife Bindiya (Lara Dutta) and two kids. His life undergoes a drastic change as superstar Sahir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) visits the village for a film shoot. Everything changes. Things go from good to bad to worse to good again.

Ten minutes into the film and you get absorbed into Billu's small world. The salon is in bad shape, the family is facing tough times, the neighbours and acquaintances are fair-weather friends... Billu's life gets grim with each passing day.

The story takes an interesting turn when Billu's life collides with the superstar's.

Deepika Padukone,Priyanka Chopra,Kareena Kapoor With Shahrukh Khan

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